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City of Altus Grounds Maintenance Worker in Altus, Oklahoma

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Nature of Work The Grounds Maintenance Worker performs unskilled to semi-skilled work for the public works department. Operating tractors and mowing equipment in the maintenance of the grounds, right of ways, and around buildings. Essential Job Functions • The employee will operate tractors, mowers, box blade, small loaders, brush hog, tandem, dump, and flatbed trucks and other trucks, etc. . Involving the maintenance of parks, cemetery, storm drains, the right of ways, and the pick-up and removal of limbs and other discarded items too big for the trash containers. On occasion, the incumbent may operate the front end loader, and other heavier equipment where the skill level is not that of the machine operators. • Sets up barricades for the safety of workers and flow of traffic. Flags traffic as needed. The employee will prepare work areas and job sites by loading and unloading material, equipment, etc.Plant and water shrubbery, flowers and trees. Mow grass using push or riding type lawn mower. May use a tractor for backfilling dirt on cemetery spaces. • Cleans up debris from City jobs, cleans, and checks storm drains. Operates tractors and mowers run weed eater on City property. May perform backfilling of dirt. • Inspects and performs routine maintenance to keep equipment working properly. • Performs other labor-type activities requiring lifting and hauling, using rakes and shovels, carrying and maneuvering wheelbarrows, lifting bags of cement, etc. as needed. • May be necessary to remove weeds, litter, and other debris from parks, sidewalks, streets and other public areas. • Performs other duties as assigned. Education, Training, and Experience High School diploma or GED equivalent, or working toward one. Prefer one year of related maintenance experience operating medium construction equipment, performing general maintenance and repair. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Familiar with the operation and maintenance of small engines, automobiles, light trucks, medium and heavy trucks, tractors, and construction equipment. Must become familiar with safe operating procedures for all departmental vehicles and equipment and must perform routine maintenance and safety checks on equipment. Must be able to lift and carry up to 50lb. Objects without injury to self; must know proper safety requirements concerning heavy construction work, and must practice due care so as not to injure oneself or others. Must be able to deal effectively with the departmental employees, contractors and other construction workers and the public with tact and diplomacy. Must be aware of the City's image and dress and act accordingly. Special Certificates, Registrations, Licenses Must possess a valid Oklahoma driver's license and a driving record acceptable to the City's insurance carrier. Physical/Mental Requirements • Requires the ability to perform manual labor for extended periods of time; most work is performed outdoors during all types of weather. • Must be capable of lifting objects over fifty pounds at frequent intervals and heavier objects at infrequent intervals. • Must have the ability to operate tools and equipment used to perform job duties. • Must be able to understand and follow oral and written instructions. • Must be in good physical condition and able to climb, bend, stoop on a regular basis. • Must be able to exert enough strength to operate a chainsaw, mix, and trowel cement, do shovel, raking, hoeing and lifting work on a continuous basis. • Must be able to work long hours under strenuous conditions • Must be able to empty park trash containers daily. • Must be able to lift and carry chemicals and operate all types of small to medium size equipment safely and efficiently. • Must be able to communicate effectively with fellow employ es, in obtaining information, supplies, equipment and providing feedback. JOB DESCRIPTION NOTICE: This classification is a “safety sensitive” position as defined by the United States Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing regulations, the Oklahoma Standards for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Act and/or Oklahoma Medical Marijuana laws. As a “safety sensitive” classification, you will be subject to drug and alcohol testing, including random testing. Marijuana is one of the substances included in the drug panel screening. Possession of a medical marijuana license will not excuse you from the testing process, or the consequences of testing positive for marijuana. Environmental Conditions and Safety Concerns The incumbent is (over 90% of the time) exposed to inclement weather and exposed to toxic chemicals and dangerous surroundings. Must be able to tolerate working in areas of strong/foul odors. Must observe safety concerns. Must be able to work in all kinds of conditions including ice, mud, rain, etc. May be exposed to insect bites, snakes, and other varmints.