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Georgia Employer NURSERY WORKERS in Alpharetta, Georgia

Temporary position with start date 02/15/23 and end date 12/15/23. Job duties includes: Perform manual and mechanized tasks associated with the indoor and outdoor production of containerized horticultural products. Plant, cultivate, and maintain nursery stock, trees, shrubs, bedding plants, plugs, liners, vegetable plants and otherhorticultural varieties. Prepare and clean production beds. Prepare fields/soil for planting. Plant/propagate plants. Remove cull stock, debris, tree stumps, brush, ferns, vines and other growth from planting area using hand tools or mechanizedequipment. Plant/pot seedlings or `liners\' by hand or mechanical planter, fill and label trays/containers, and move product to/from greenhouses and loading/unloading areas.Review H2A Contract for details.