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Job/Position DescriptionGroundskeeper IStarting Salary of $1,648.08 Groundskeeper I works under general supervision with moderate latitude and independent judgment. Work involves caring for and maintaining the appearance of grounds and gardens; maintaining and repairing grounds-keeping tools, supplies, and equipment; and performing various gardening activities. Works as a team-member moving campus property. Performs other duties as assigned and will be scheduled to work weekends and holidays depending on needs of the department for callout. Essential Job FunctionsAttends work on a regular basis and may be required to work a specific shift schedule or, at times, even a rotating schedule, extended shift and/or overtime in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned. Works under general supervision with moderate latitude and independent judgement Maintain grounds with both rotary and riding lawn equipment, electric edger, and various hand tools Uses hand tools, power tools, grounds-keeping and material handling and safety equipment to ensure safety during equipment operation and maintenance Assist with the installation and repairs of sprinkler systems, pesticide application, moving furniture, or working in other areas Constructs forms and install new concrete structures such as sidewalks to ensure safety and support campus programs Plant trees and maintain flower beds on campus Maintain and repair campus grounds, including removing recyclables, trash, debris, and rubbish Process paperwork to fulfill department needs Communicates to facilitate maintenance related business and promote productive work relationships Other duties as assigned include but are not limited to actively participating and/or serving in a supporting role to meet the agencyand#146;s obligations for disaster response and/or recovery or Continuity of Operations (COOP) activation. Such participation may require an alternate shift pattern assignment and/or location. Registrations, Licensure Requirements or CertificationsNAKnowledge Skills AbilitiesKnowledge of the planting and care of trees, shrubbery, flowers, and grass Knowledge of pesticides and fertilizers, hand tools, motorized commercial equipment, dump trucks, and sprinkler systems Knowledge of the hazards of and safety precautions necessary in general labor and maintenance work Ability to read, understand, and apply operation and repair manuals, safety-related manuals, and other written materials as they apply to this position Ability to safely move materials and equipment with or without the use of mechanical assistance Ability to safely operate a motor vehicle Skill in the use and maintenance of grounds-keeping hand tools and equipment; motorized and gas operated equipment such as tractors, mowers, edger, chain saws, hedge trimmers, self-propelled sweeper/vacuums; painting striping machines; and sprinkler systems. Skill in the maintenance and repair of sidewalks and parking lots Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing Ability to interpret plans, sketches, and drawings Ability to perform basic mathematical computations. Initial Screening CriteriaOne of the following is required: Paid or unpaid experience in grounds keeping work; or Graduation from a standard senior high school or equivalent; or Some work experience. Additional InformationSalary Note: The salary offered will follow HHS starting salary guidelines which are typically made at or near the minimum of the salary range. https://jobshrportal.hhsc.state.tx.us/ENG/CareerPortal/job\_profile.cfm?szOrderID=479729 Copy the URL in the preceding sentence to an Internet Explorer browser to apply to the job directly through the Texas Health and Human Services Career Portal.