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Job/Position DescriptionDentist II HHSC is seeking a Dentist to join an interdisciplinary team of professionals to provide dental care and leadership to Abilene State Supported Living Center. As the facility Dentist, you will work with a dynamic group of staff and professionals who are dedicated to providing supports and services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This is a team environment where staff clinicians collaborate to provide comprehensive care and services. To learn more about the SSLCs, see https://hhs.texas.gov/services/disability/intellectual-or-developmental-disabilities-idd-long-term-care. The State of Texas offers many benefits to employees, including competitive salaries, career advancement, health and dental insurance, and paid vacation and sick leave.The most important characteristic about State Supported Living Center employees is that we truly value and respect those we serve and believe in the mission that all people can achieve a higher level of wellness and independence. Our vision statement is and#147;Individuals served at State Supported Living Centers will experience the highest quality of life, supported through a comprehensive array of services designed to maximize well-being, dignity, and respect.and#148; The Dentist is responsible for providing dental services for individuals living at the Supported Living Center and certain identified individuals living in community based settings, including advanced dental care and treatment to elevate the oral hygiene of all individuals. The Dentist is responsible to implement best practices in treatment. The Dentist is an integral part of Medical Services working to elevate overall health for individuals residing at the State Supported Living Center. Provides treatment to HHS employees injured in course and scope of employment. Oversees other dentist(s), dental assistant(s) and dental Hygienists as assigned by the Dental Director.Essential Job FunctionsAttends work on a regular basis and may be required to work a specific shift schedule or, at times, even a rotating schedule, extended shift and/or overtime in accordance with agency leave policy and performs other duties as assigned.Provides dental services directly to multi-disabled individuals with challenging behavioral issues and multiple medical system issues, including individuals with unique dental malformations, at State Supported Living Center, and certain identified individuals living in community based settings. Oversees other dentist and dental hygienists with non-routine dental care and cleanings.Evaluates dental care and makes recommendations to improve oral function, oral hygiene and appearance. Develops and implements desensitization practices and ensures other dental personnel follow the plan of care, to include evaluation of current medications and possible interactions with dental sedation methods. Documents provision of dental services and communicates with individuals, family members, guardians, community members. Contacts include discussion of dental needs with individuals, family members and guardians, to explain dental services provided and needed and to address complex situations.Provides treatment to HHS employees injured in course and scope of employment.Other duties as assigned include but are not limited to actively participating and/or serving in a supporting role to meet the agencyand#146;s obligations for disaster response and/or recovery or Continuity of Operations (COOP) activation. Such part https://jobshrportal.hhsc.state.tx.us/ENG/CareerPortal/job\_profile.cfm?szOrderID=537634 Copy the URL in the preceding sentence to an Internet Explorer browser to apply to the job directly through the Texas Health and Human Services Career Portal.